Canvas Watch Roll with Timeless Appeal and Leather Straps

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$65.00 NZD
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Canvas Watch Roll Features

  • Our Canvas Watch Roll is handcrafted from high-quality canvas with leather straps.
  • Dimensions: Length 12", Width 8.5".
  • Four spacious pockets (3 inches wide and deep) for watches.
  • Easy rolling and tying with a leather loop.
  • Reliable protection for scratch-free watches.
  • Simple to roll and carry.
  • Strong stitching for added durability.

NOTE: This listing is only for 1x Watch Roll Case.

Canvas Watch Roll Description:

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of our canvas watch roll, meticulously handcrafted from superior-quality canvas and adorned with leather straps. This watch roll is designed to accommodate your timepieces with elegance and efficiency.

Unveiling functionality, it boasts four generously sized pockets, each 3 inches wide and deep, providing a secure haven for your cherished watches. The convenience extends to the easy rolling and tying mechanism facilitated by a leather loop, ensuring a hassle-free experience for watch enthusiasts on the go.

Beyond its practicality, this watch roll is a guardian of style, offering reliable protection to keep your watches pristine and scratch-free. Its simplicity in rolling and carrying adds to its user-friendly design, catering to the needs of those who appreciate both form and function.

Enhanced durability is a hallmark of our watch roll, characterized by strong stitching that ensures longevity and resilience. As a premium accessory, it not only safeguards your timepieces but elevates their presentation, making it a must-have for those who value the perfect blend of safety and style. Choose our Canvas Watch Roll to keep your watches secure, scratch-free, and impeccably stylish, wherever your journeys take you.

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