The Exquisite Multi-Pocket Leather Apron

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Leather Apron Features:

  • Exclusive multiple pockets apron made of full-grain cowhide leather with a waxy finish.
  • 4 front pockets for your needy things.
  • Available colors: Cognac, Chocolate Brown, Tan, Black.
  • Contact us for color confirmation.
  • An adjustable neck and waist straps are designed to keep you comfortable while you're working and all hardware used is made from brass.
  • They're water, heat, and chemical-resistant and designed to save your outfit from stains, splashes & sparks. 

Can be used as:

  • BBQ Apron
  • Chef Apron
  • Bartender Apron
  • Woodworking Apron
  • Blacksmith Apron
  • Grilling Apron
  • Welding Apron
  • Butcher Apron
  • Carpenter Apron
  • Barbour Apron


Small size : overall length 28.50", top width 11.00", centre width 19.25"
Large size : overall length 31.50", top width 11.75", centre width 21"

Leather Apron Description:

Straps are completely adjustable for perfect fit. We've been in this industry for far too long and have merely watched while other leather apron suppliers ignored the craft and just made aprons for the sake of making aprons. We knew right then and there that they had no concept of what it meant to manufacture body armor, armor that is designed to last a lifetime, much like the grill you have. We stepped in when we recognized we needed to, and we designed and crafted aprons the proper way. Directly from the heart. We picked the finest skin in the shed and the best leather money could buy to make the perfect exquisite multi-pocket leather work aprons to protect you from all the flames and spills.

The professional apron is designed for individuals who believe grilling to be a technical sport. They understand the intricacies of this passionately motivating activity, and they understand that it necessitates the greatest equipment in every manner. The tools must be familiar with how the grill works, and the apron must be ready to assist the leader's every turn and twist rather than restricting his mobility and getting in the way. The apron has one large pocket, two little pockets, a waist strap, and a neck strap. The pockets are meant to hold all of your utensils including spatulas.

Because of its fitted fit, the chef apron for men seems to be a bespoke apron designed particularly for you. The apron with pockets is tough and robust, and it will last you a long time. The chef apron has a sleek and modern design, giving it a smart and clean modern appearance. It is a long-lasting piece of modern art that has been rejuvenated to your liking.

All these features boost it to the level of a master chef apron. Our professional apron is designed for grillers who want to show off their inner chef, making it an ideal leather apron for BBQ burners that move about a lot. To put it another way, it's the best leather money can buy.

Use a moist towel to clean your apron. In the long run, use leather wax or leather conditioner to restore moisture, suppleness, and sheen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When not in use, hang or roll your apron rather than folding it to avoid lines or cracks in the finish.

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